Each of this and more is in the latest version of eZee Reservation booking engine.
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Provide your guests a pleasant stay by checking same room availability

This enhancement is exclusively for users utilizing eZee Absolute PMS and running inventory on Live Mode.

Every so often, your guest may select such stay dates when there are chances of split room cases which may lead to a situation where your guest might have to perform room move. For example, if your guest selects a stay duration of 15th March to 20th March for Presidential Suite, and Presidential Suite 1001 is available from 15th to 18th and Presidential Suite 1002 is available from 19th to 20th. If at such a time, your guest makes the booking; he won’t be intimated about the definite room move he will have to do once he arrives.

When such kind of situation arrived, the booking engine page displayed the rooms as available. However, in this version; to save your guest from the troubles of room move, we have a drop down list for you on how do you want to show the inventory on the booking engine page in such cases.

This drop down list can be viewed in:
eZee Reservation Configuration Panel Settings Property Assign Rooms Check Live Room Availability/Inventory: There are two options for you to choose from.


    • Normal: In this case, the booking engine will not consider such special cases of split room availability, that is, the booking engine will show inventory of both rooms and if the booker tries to make the booking, then the system will not give any intimation of room move. This is the selected option by default.
    • Normal but give intimation: This case is similar to the normal case, but when booking is being performed, the system will give intimation to the booker; that he might have to change rooms once he arrives.

If your property is working on option 2, there will be an option of “Don’t book room when different room is available” on ‘Add Reservation’ window. So, in case when split rooms are available and you have check-marked this option, the system will not take booking and display inventory as not available. whereas if you have not check-marked it, then even though split rooms are available, the system will take booking.

Live rooms 3

Added Prepaid, Non-Cancel, Non-Refundable option for Packages

So far, the booking engine gave you a provision to apply Prepaid, Non-Cancel, Non-Refundable option for Rate Plan only. However, from the latest version, you will be able to apply these same options for packages too.

You can enable this feature from eZee Reservation configuration:
eZee Reservation Configuration Panel Marketing Packages


Fail credit card processing information now on booking list

Every now and then, when a booker performs a booking at your property and proceeds to make payment; the payment might get successful from the payment gateway but eZee system might not get updated with the same.

To differentiate such bookings from incomplete bookings; we have added a new category of bookings named Failed Credit Card Processing. This category of booking will list out those bookings for which the system has not received any response from the payment gateways.

Failed credit card processing




Failed credit card processing2

Through this list, you will be able to remain updated with such bookings, contact the payment processing team, and verify the records accordingly.

View the Update Logs screen in a new style

Update Logs screen in eZee Reservation configuration displays details of all updates done on inventory, rates, etc in the system. The logs will give the time at which the update was done along with the user who performed the update.

In the latest version of eZee booking engine, we have enhanced the user-interface (UI) of the Logs screen to trace the update logs easily and make it more understandable.


New Payment Gateways added

Several new payment gateways have now integrated with the booking engine, which include:

      1. Bardo Payment Gateway
      2. KBZ Bank Payment Gateway
      3. DOKU Payment Gateway
      4. First Atlantic Commerce
      5. eGate Payment Gateway

Know what’s more in the latest release:

      • You can now select and choose various information as mandatory to make a booking on Add Reservation screen.
      • All the incomplete bookings are now displayed separately on Home and CRS Dashboard in order to differentiate between complete and incomplete bookings.
      • New Privileges introduced: eZee Reservation Configuration Panel Users Edit Privileges
        1. ‘Access to create User Role’ to restrict users to create new user roles.
        2. ‘Access to Edit or Delete User Role’ to restrict users to edit or delete user roles.
      • Get to know the date and time of the last verification request sent to verify any email address, from which you want to send email using SMTP.
      • From this version onward, you will be able to form a new email template (content) for PDF attachment and other email template for confirm booking email.

Quick FAQs

How to get the new version of booking engine?
Since eZee Reservation booking engine is a cloud product, you do not have to follow any steps to download and install the new version into your system. Just sit back and relax, and your system will be updated in no time. As soon as the update is out, you will be able to avail new enhancements on the latest version of the booking engine.

What will happen to my data after the update?
Your data will remain unchanged after the update. You can begin using the system from where you left off, immediately after the update.

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