Introducing Looker to Booker feature

When going through the visitor stats on your website and booking engine page, you may often find that many of visitors don’t even reach your booking engine page and leave your website; leading to loss of booking opportunity for you.

So, we put forth this brand new feature from this new version of our booking engine – Looker to Booker; using which you’ll be able to set up and display several new widgets right on your website.

The primary agenda behind development of this feature is to influence looker to engage with you, push him to reach your booking engine page and eventually turn him into a booker.

Here’s how these widgets can help you:

  1. Welcome Box: Say you’ve kept the link to your website’s home page at places. An interested visitor visits your website and there, he finds this welcome box, which tells him about some great discount you’re running, or some promotional offers that he may be able to take up; thus making him interested in booking with you.
  2. Exit Popup: Exactly opposite to the Welcome Box widget, this widget will show your guest an exit popup when he’s trying to leave your website. This gives him one more chance to book with you.
  3. Floating Tool: Say, your visitor is on a page, exploring your website; and you want to give him some benefits on booking with you or mention about a famous tourist destination nearby your hotel or something else. Use a floating tool which will maximize and minimize on a button click, and give valuable information to your visitor.
  4. Triggering Tool: Say, you want to show some shortcuts to your website pages all through your website. The triggering tool will let you do just that. Give shortcut links to your booking engine page in this tool, and there; you got a visit to the booking engine.
  5. Sticky Tool: So you want to show some awesome services you provide at your hotel? In this sticky tool, you can add information about free Wifi that you’re providing, or free airport transfer facilities or some other amenities that you’re offering at your hotel to attract your looker.
  6. No. of Bookings: You want to market yourself by showing how many bookings you’ve got? Well, this tool will let you do just that. So any looker who sees the number of bookings you’ve received; will get more influenced in booking with you.
  7. Review: Got good reviews? You think that helps lookers in deciding to book with you? So, simply show your reviews on your website; and there, your looker is impressed enough to book with you.
  8. Quick Notifications: Say a looker from India is visiting your website. And 2 guests from India booked with you at the same time. That looker will be notified that 2 guests from India booked with you. Now that will help him make a decision; thinking that guests from India do visit your hotel, and he can relate with them. More than that, you can display something about the recent bookings made at your hotel; using this notification tool.
  9. Promotion: You want some promotions or discount deals to be continuously displayed on your website to attract the looker? The promotion tool will let you do just that.

All in all, this feature will help you push your lookers towards your booking engine page and eventually book with you; thereby increasing your direct bookings.

Online Payment Collection: Faster and Easier

Payment collection is a crucial, yet always a tedious job. You need to remember a lot of dates and cases to get your payments on time. Acknowledging importance of the same, we’ve implemented an ‘Online Payment Link’ feature in this version; which will make your task of collecting payments from your guests convenient and faster.

Using this feature, you’ll be able to send online payment links to your guests from the system itself. The guest can make the payment from that link, and that’s all. Suffice to say, you won’t need to keep any tabs for payment reminders, or even wait for bank transfer to get payment of the bookings your guests make.

Here’s how you can use this feature for the different types of bookings you receive:

  1. Booking from OTA: Oftentimes, OTAs let the guests choose the option of ‘Pay at Hotel’. So when such a booking from an OTA comes to you, you can directly email your guest with this link, giving them convenience to pay whenever they can. You can do the same thing when you get a booking from website.
  2. Booking Inquiry (Hold Booking): Say you get a booking inquiry from a guest. He tells you that he’ll confirm the booking in next few days. You hold the inventory for his stay duration and set a release date for the booking awaiting his confirmation. In this case, you can send him the payment link and urge him to confirm his booking by paying at the earliest. If he doesn’t pay until the release date, the held booking will be open for inventory.

Credit Card Verification Automated

When it comes to payments, people become cautious and tend to avoid giving out important information like credit card details. And the same goes for your guests too, when they’re booking with you. Whether its from an OTA or through your website, or in any other way; a significant number of your guests will fill in invalid credit card details just to go ahead with the booking.

And you’ll know about it only when you try to charge those credit cards to collect your deposit or no-show or cancellation charges. At times like these, the only thing you can do is; either you ask your guest to pass valid credit card details or wait for the guest to arrive and get the payment from him. That guest might turn into a no-show or cancel his booking at the last minute. Let’s not forget that! If that happens, you’ll lose a booking opportunity and even revenue.

So, what we’ve done this time is; developed an inbuilt credit card verification feature which will verify the credit card details on the same day you receive a booking using the payment gateway API.

Now even if the credit card details are invalid, you and your guest will be notified. And if your guest has booked from an OTA, the OTA will be notified. Your notification to the guest will clearly ask him to update the credit card details with valid one with a warning that you may cancel his booking if the details are not updated.

This benefits you in three ways: 1. You don’t risk last minute no-shows or cancellations where credit card details are invalid. 2. You can hold the booking for sometime and release it if there is no response from the guest’s end. Post that, you can take a new booking for that room! 3. There’s lesser to and fro between you, guest and the OTA due to this automation. There you save a lot of your valuable time.

In such wise, because of this automation and its benefits, you’ll witness a considerable hike in your revenue by more than 30%, ultimately giving you only confirmed bookings.

Note: This feature is only available for those who use Airpay Payment Gateway currently.

Restrict Maximum Nights of Stay

Occasionally, you might want to put up some package or promotion at your hotel, the validity of which you want to limit by the maximum number of nights a guest wants to stay. So, from this version onward, at rate plan level; you’ll be able to add maximum nights allowed for stay at your hotel. If you introduce any package and wish to restrict the number of days a guest can stay using that package; you can use this feature.

Our Price Widget gets a new UI

We have enhanced the user interface of the price widget feature. This widget shows your room rates on the different OTAs you’re connected on; thereby letting your guest compare prices and book easily and quickly from your website itself.

In addition, the price widget will now change the currency and amount according to the currency selected for the booking engine page.

What’s more in the latest release:

  • You’ll be able to set maximum night of stay on your specials.
  • Offer promotions on selected days of week by configuring it in the promotion module and extra charge module.
  • You’ll be able to send your own remarks in the Confirmed Reservation email template.
  • From this version, you can show Packages in 3 different ways on the booking engine page.
  • You’ll now be able to set payment method for refundable and non-refundable rate plans.
  • From now on, if a rate plan is not available because of ‘Close to Departure’ constraint; then the booking engine will not show that particular rate plan in the room list.
  • We are now integrated with 12 new payment gateways which are:
    1. Paynamics
    2. Bpoint
    3. Payfast
    4. Webxpay
    5. Payweb
    6. BarclayCard
    7. Midtrans
    8. Sampath Bank
    9. HalkBank
    10. ECG
    11. Zeamster
    12. FPX

Quick FAQs

How to get the new version of booking engine?
Since eZee Reservation booking engine is a cloud product, you do not have to follow any steps to download and install the new version into your system. Just sit back and relax, and your system will be updated in no time. As soon as the update is out, you will be able to avail new enhancements on the latest version of the booking engine.

What will happen to my data after the update?
Your data will remain unchanged after the update. You can begin using the system from where you left off, immediately after the update.

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