Dynamic evolutions in the hospitality industry never fail to grab one’s attention. And so we thought, maybe not too huge, but we do want to bring along a solid uplift in the way our booking engine works.

Considering the plethora of existing booking engines, we contemplated on what’s going to make our booking engine stand out from the aisle of others in the industry. And what will make it a choice for hoteliers world wide.

Ergo, a touch of responsive UI, a pinch of big-league add-ons and a wee bit simplifying the functioning.

That’s all our booking engine needed to get better and finer. By and by, improving user experience brought in the dire need of a bright-eyed mind set and unconventional thought process from our end.

Yes, our goals were basic, but what we desired to give our users was something extraordinary.

Booking Engine Comparison

Our Aim

We planned to develop something which is best fit for any kind of hotel, surpassing the international industry standards.

So, when we decided to produce a brand new booking engine, our major intent was to provide our users with an easy-to-use system and bookers with first-rate booking experience. With varied requirements and growing demands of each business type in the industry, it was truly a challenge to manage all of them through one interface.

We aimed above the mark, to hit the mark.

The Beginning

So, a year ago, we called the shots to change the way our booking engine worked, and flipped the approach of the system.

We began with gathering our team in brainstorming sessions to fixate on the newly included features. We strove to make it better for our users and thence bringing out the best in what we did – instead of adapting with the software you choose, your software should adapt with your requirements. We worked on the suggestions given by our users, and focused on making it a user-oriented product by keeping in mind the needs of disparate business cases.

Our focus determined the forthcoming reality.

We directed our endeavors to develop a booking engine which was not only simple and eccentric but also a booking engine operative from all kinds of devices. Our focus revolved around what our users required and their response to this uplift.

Minimal time-consumption, even lower intrusions in performing daily operations, as well as a responsive UI turned out to be our major objective of this attempt. We intended to reach a level higher than the existing booking engines, such that while dealing with any OTA, one faced no interruptions.

What did we do?

And then we thought, what more work can be done on existing features?
We got our answers by enhancing our search filters, room listings, the review section and myriad of other options, as well as improving on our security aspect. In light of users’ pain points, we were hell-bent on including those features which boosted their revenue. And so it lead to addition of plenitude of new modules and features.

We focused on solutions, and not on the problems.

Complete Process Of Booking Engine Update


Introducing this version’s highlight: Responsive User Interface

Contemplating on heaping ideas as we undertook this idea of responsive UI, we created prototypes, and asked for our users’ feedbacks. Absorbing those, we kept in mind the multitude of requirement cases corresponding to all kinds of hotels, as well as this industry’s demand of on-the-go access of applications.

To the user, the interface is the product.

Responsive Booking Engine

Aiming to provide an optimal viewing and using experience, we toiled to create a responsive user interface in our booking engine. Ease of reading, accessing, and minimal navigation through the system across a wide range of devices was the primary agenda behind responsive UI.

Discarding the need of making two different versions of the booking engine to be accessed in desktop and mobile devices, we put forth a system which answered all the questions a user came across. So now, what we created will flex and adapt to the size of screen it’s been viewed and accessed on.

No more having to wait for the system to load on your device. No more having to zoom-in to find the exact content.

All these new features and enhancements in the booking engine, go have a look at them here.

Withal a responsive user interface which will work on all kinds of devices, and an extraordinary booking engine interface accommodating the demands of all business cases.

We started afresh with a new outlook to the whole process, taking one step at a time and eventually pulling off the release of a world-class booking engine.


  • Team work is the driving force behind any successful product.
  • Revamping a well-established system takes a fresh approach.
  • A user-centered product is the key to best user experience.
  • Change the plan if need be, but never the goal.

We are open to any feedbacks or suggestions from you all. Drop in a mail to reach us here.

Last but not the least, meet our eZee Reservation team behind the whole uplift.

Team Behind The Making Of New Booking Engine

Cheers to them!

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