Get all these factors and more in the all new version of eZee Reservation!

Quicker payment processing for your guest!

Considering the efforts your guest has to go through to make payment for the booking he has done at your hotel, we, in this version of our Booking Engine have given you an option to send payment link to the guest directly in an email. This is primarily useful when you want to take a manual booking and wish to send online payment link to the guest.

Note: This option will work only if the Payment Gateway option is enabled and if the booking is done through manual reservation in ‘Add Reservation’ screen.

Once the Payment Gateway is enabled, this feature can be activated from the below mentioned path:

eZee Reservation Configuration Panel Settings Property Booking Page Email Settings

Send Online Payment link to guest to pay online

This will automatically add a system defined category and email template in the system.
You can enable this feature from the ‘Add Reservation’ screen.

Note: For hotel chain properties, you will have to activate this option for all chain properties individually.

Get your Facebook page linked with your booking engine page

Occasionally, you would come across web pages where you would notice a link to their Facebook page, thereby encouraging you to like the Facebook page from there itself. Similarly, we too have now given a new provision to promote your Facebook page to your booking engine visitors. You can easily enable this feature from the configuration settings and make your Facebook page likes visible on the booking engine page itself. In that event, your visitors will be able to like your Facebook page right from the booking engine, eliminating the trouble of logging-into their Facebook accounts repeatedly.

Activate this feature at:
eZee Reservation Configuration Panel Property Setup Property Details Facebook page


Your booking engine page after enabling and configuring the feature requisites will display a snippet with number of likes on the configured Facebook page, allowing the visitors to like the page right from there.

Save time in recording guest information

Its utterly cumbersome to open a new screen every time you want to enter guest information. To eliminate these hassles, you will now be able to enter transport and identity information of the guest right when you are adding a new reservation. This enhancement can be availed by default in your booking engine from Add Reservation window in the configuration fragment. This will save your time in opening a separate window to record and save the guest transport and identity information.

Keep your marketing deals and reports safe from unauthorized access

We have introduced a new privilege in the latest version to restrict any user from accessing your property’s promotional and marketing deals along with the statistical and reservation reports. Additionally, you can restrict user access to selected reports, if not all.

You can approve or revoke this privilege from eZee Reservation configuration as below:
eZee Reservation Configuration Panel Users Edit User Privileges and Reports


Achieve maximum through the means of Revenue Management

Revenue Management is a tool to analyze market behavior and hotel’s parameters to maximize revenue growth. The revenue screen shows comparison of your hotel’s current and past year’s data like Occupancy%, Total rooms sold, Average Daily Rate (ADR), Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR) and much more.

Using this tool, you can decide which marketing strategies to use, what rates to be kept, how to increase bookings, and several other parameters.

Along with this, you can also add your competitor’s property details, and this screen will display your low and high rates in comparison to your competitor’s property, which will help you get an idea about the market segments. Also, in case of chain properties, all the consolidated data can be configured and analyzed together, and changed swiftly if needed.


New Payment Gateways added

Few more Payment gateways were added and integrated with the system in this version, which include:

  1. ICICI Bank Payment Gateway
  2. Citruspay Payment Gateway
  3. AliPay Payment Gateway

There’s more in the latest release:

  • The manual Credit Card option of saving credit card details and pay later is open for all and can be enabled directly without any requests.
  • If your packages have higher rates than normal rate plans, then you will now be able to strike out the normal rates and hide it on the booking engine page.
  • From the latest version, a travel agent will be able to register directly from Booking engine through the travel-agent registration link displayed on the booking engine page.
  • You can now configure rates different than Rate Plan rates along with Base Rate on package level for extra child and extra adult.
  • You can also give a direct link to bookers to cancel their bookings from your website, so that the booker can directly go to cancel booking page.
  • Price-wise sorting will help display the rate plans and packages in a sorted manner from lowest to highest on Booking Engine in list view and OTA Interface layouts.
  • In View Reservation Audit Trail, if payment gateway is on; you will be able to view Failed Booking status along with its reason as given by the payment gateway.
  • We have now provided an option to add or upload images for rate plans in order to distinguish them with each other.
  • Your booking engine visitor can now view your reviews on the page through the Review Widget feature.
  • We have added an option to show or hide selected columns in the Booking List.
  • Your guests will now be able to book a room and pay for it from a payment gateway in multiple currencies.
  • In this version, you will be able to view a reservation folio right from the click on reservation number.

Quick FAQs

How to get the new version of booking engine?
Since eZee Reservation booking engine is a cloud product, you do not have to follow any steps to download and install the new version into your system. Just sit back and relax, and your system will be updated in no time. As soon as the update is out, you will be able to avail new enhancements on the latest version of the booking engine.

What will happen to my data after the update?
Your data will remain unchanged after the update. You can begin using the system from where you left off, immediately after the update.

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