eZee Reservation - Online Booking Engine & Channel Manager

A Complete Solution for Hotels

Welcome to eZee Reservation Take your property's reservation and occupancy rates to new levels with eZee Reservation - the fully automated online Hotel Reservation Software from eZee Technosys. At the heart of eZee Reservation is the cutting edge hotel reservation engine, which not only simplifies web-based reservation and occupancy management for your property, but also provides you in-depth details of the revenue generated by your property through various channels. Easy to implement and manage, eZee Reservation is a complete hotel reservation management module that integrates seamlessly into your website and lets you maintain details of all your guests.

Why eZee Reservation?

  • Commission Free Unlimited Bookings

    The best aspect of eZee Reservation is that as a hotel owner, you will no longer have to pay commissions to travel agents and helps to generate more ROI.

  • Channel Manager

    With Channel Manager Facility you only have to login to eZee Reservation and system can update rates and inventory on all other OTAs or Booking Websites.

  • Plug-in for your website

    The Reservation web page will be a part of eZee Reservation but will integrated with your website in way as its part of your website only to get online bookings.

  • Mobile Support

    Your guest can visit your website from any part of the world from any of the mobile devices or iPhone and can instantly make the booking at your property.

  • Multiple Property Support

    eZee Reservation helps to manage all multiple properties from one single place to get the bookings in different property individually from single property website

  • PMS Integration

    eZee Reservation is fully compatible to get interfaced with any PMS and have ready interface with eZeeFrontDesk – Premier Hotel Management Software.

  • Theme Customization

    As Hotel Admin, you will have options to update the way of online booking process and its look and feel to give best user interfaces for your guests to make their booking process easy.

  • Facebook Integration

    eZee Reservation is having interfaced with Facebook and other social website where you can create your property's profile on Facebook and avail the facility to get bookings from Facebook.