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Here's why eZee Reservation is recommended by 9/10 hotels worldwide

Simplicity with value a norm in Hospitality!

A booking engine & reservation system with a vast analytical feedback data backed up with easy to use mobile applications and cloud storage weighs a ton in today's Hospitable market. Norm now is a need for consumer's tastes and preferences to be prioritized to make one's life easy if technology is put to good use and that is what eZee does so well!!!!


Graham Byagaba Administrator at Airport View Hotel Uganda

We are using this software everyday and it's very useful for us.

eZee’s software is easy to generate reports, rates in daily uses and eZee’s customer service is awesome and very fast in implementation.


Pragna Desai Manager at London Kings Hotel, UK

It has the features that are most necessary for a booking engine.

The option for creating different customizable packages and the detail statistics reports showing different kinds of reports are something that I like the most, apart from many other features.


Mohommad Fazeel General Manager at Tropical Hospitality Services, Maldives

Ease of use and great customer support

Its functionality and reliability. 99% up time. The system is very reliable.


Paul Guthman Hotel Manager at Quint Travelers Inn, Thailand

How can you acquire direct bookings with this online hotel reservation system?

eZee Reservation is a responsive and dynamic booking engine that can be seamlessly integrated with your hotel website. This booking engine offers a simplified booking process. Whenever your guests visit your website, they can easily select their rooms, book their stay and do the payment directly. Besides, with a wide range of features, you can apply different strategies to get more direct bookings from your hotel website.

A hotel chatbot to receive 40% more direct bookings

Let our booking engine chatbot be 24X7 available at your guests’ service. The chatbot precisely answers your guests’ queries related to your location, amenities, deals, packages, room availability, and more without any manual intervention.


Recommended by the hotels worldwide

Your online bookings upheld with solid integrations

Integration with TripAdvisor

Integration with TripAdvisor

eZee’s premium partnership with TripConnect lets you receive more reviews and bookings on TripAdvisor.


Integration with Trivago

Acquire more direct bookings on this other travel giant with eZee Reservation. Besides, manage your profile and reviews effortlessly.

Google Hotel Ads partner

Certified Google Hotel Ads partner

eZee is authorized Hotel Ads Integration Partner with Google. Enroll in Google Hotel Ads program with us and drive direct bookings from Google.

Joomla and Wordpress Integration

Joomla and Wordpress Integration

With these extensions, integrate the booking engine with your property's Joomla! Or Wordpress website and start accepting online bookings.

A booking engine for your hotel chain

You don't have to maintain multiple booking engines for different hotels in your hotel group. With eZee Reservation, chain wide booking engine, you can manage direct bookings of all your location from one place.

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