of guests prefer to book direct with hotels.

Why to choose a hotel booking engine?

Booking Engine Buyer's Guide: A complete comparison tool for hoteliers.

Travelers these days, prefer to book hotels of their own choice and convenience. Most of your fellow hoteliers have had a hike in their revenue by implementing an online hotel booking engine on their website.

A hotel booking engine will allow you to sell your rooms on your hotel website. Secure more online direct reservations with minimal effort.

Things to keep in mind before you purchase a hotel reservation system

Everything right from handling various reservations to tackling your guests, following are must-haves for a hotel booking engine:

Customized According to your Brand

A complete freedom to set-up a custom look and feel for the hotel booking engine which meets your website’s brand aesthetics.

Commission Free Bookings

The booking engine should get you unlimited commission free bookings and increase your direct bookings, with a complete control over your pricing.

Email Automation

Automated emails that apprise guests by sending pre-arrival, during stay and post departure emails along with regular newsletters and promotional emails.

Appealing Widgets

Ready plug and play widgets which you can add on your hotel website and even booking engine, making your visitors book faster with you.

Mobile Optimized

Let your guests book with you from whichever device they want to. Manage your bookings whilst on-the-move with instant push notification of every transaction.

Secure Payment Process with PCI DSS certification

Have a PCI DSS certified online hotel booking engine which protects your guest’s data, ensuring lesser security breaches.

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