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How can this hotel chatbot help you increase direct bookings?

Your hotel becomes future-ready with the help of our hotel chatbot. It works like a digital hotel attendant and responds to your hotel website inquiries smartly. It enhances conversations. Resulting which, your direct bookings get multiplied.

You’re always available for your guests

You’re always available for your guests

This chatbot for hotels immediately answers to your guests’ questions without your interference. So, guests don’t have to wait any longer for their questions to be answered. As a result, you receive more qualified bookers.

Your website visitors get their answers instantly

Your website visitors get their answers instantly

The hotel chatbot comes with a predefined set of answers for frequently asked questions on your website. For example; your hotel policies, hotel information, and others. Hence, your visitors get their answers in a second.

Escalates all the unanswered questions to you

Escalates all the unanswered questions to you

If the hotel bot fails to answer any of your looker’s questions, then it collects those questions along with the details of the guests and passes them to your hotel staff. This way, it makes sure that you miss none of your hotel inquiries.

The hotel chatbot saves your time

The hotel chatbot saves your time

Our hotel bot can automatically answer all the common guest’s inquiries. So you don’t have to manually respond to repeated questions every time. This way, you save a lot of time that is normally spent after attending regular questions.

Your direct booking increases

Your direct booking increases

This chatbot for hotels can give accurate details to guests about your hotel like; your hotel location, amenities, deals and packages, and more. This builds your guests’ interest in your hotel and compels them to book directly with you.

You get detailed analysis of website conversion

You get detailed analysis of website conversion

This chatbot for hotels brings you many interactive reports that give you the clear account of the answered inquiries, missed queries, and received bookings. So you can figure out how the hotel live chat is performing.

Step ahead with a smart chatbot for hotels

A powerful tool to generate more ROI

Here are some questions that may be troubling you

  • What kind of questions can this hotel bot answer?

    It can answer common inquiry questions about your hotel. Whether your website visitors want to know about your hotel, exciting deals and benefits, local events happening around, and more.

  • Do I have to be present to answer the questions asked to the chatbot?

    No. This live chat for hotels can answer the question without your interference.

  • Can I add more questions to the bot?

    Yes, we can help you add more questions about your hotel while implementing it.

  • Can the hotel chatbot inform visitors about the hotel’s updated room rates and availabilities?

    Yes, it can give your website visitors real-time information about your room rates and availability.

  • Can this hospitality chatbot recall older conversations?

    No, this chatbot cannot recall old conversations.

  • Can I update my staff about call requests with the help of it?

    Yes, your website visitors can make call requests to the hotel chatbot and it can instantly notify you about the same.

  • What kind of reports it can provide me?

    It helps you get detailed reports in the form of graphs and charts that gives you the exact figures. For example; the number of incoming bookings, questions answered, and missed by the chatbot.

  • Can I have a free demo of this chatbot?

    Yes, you can see the hotel chatbot in action from here.

  • I own a hotel group, can this hotel bot work for me?

    Yes, this hotel chatbot can assist you in answering queries related to your entire hotel chain.

If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us.

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