Reasons of Acquiring eZee Booking Software

Unlimited - Commission Free Bookings

We comprehend that you work hard to get bookings, thus, you alone should reap the benefits for it. Using eZee Reservation, you can now receive unlimited commission free bookings without any constraints. Unlike some systems, we do not ask you to share a portion of your revenue irrespective of the number of bookings you receive.

Unlimited - Commission Free Bookings
No Long Term contract

Be Free from Unbreakable Commitment Shackles!

Hotel's booking engine is the first service you offer your guests. The only reason you should use a booking system is it meets all your requirements and not because you are in a deadlock contract with the provider. Unlike some booking engine providers, when you enroll with eZee; you are completely free from unbreakable commitment shackles!
We ask for No long term contract, No obligation to any commitments and No termination fees!

Automatic Credit Card Verification

This brand new feature of the hotel reservation center will automatically verify the credit card details that your guests enter while booking with you and notify you and your guest of the invalid details entered. Using this feature, you'll be able to confirm your hotel bookings by asking your guest to enter valid details, or take a new booking if the guest doesn't give any updates; thence saving you from last minute cancellations and no-shows.

Built in 24/7 Support

You can avail customer support right from the dashboard. Our dedicated support team is available 24/7 to assist you! eZee offers technical support and training via live chat, email, telephone around the clock.

Built in 24/7 support

Experts for Setup

eZee provides you with a dedicated account manager, who with his experience and expertise will provide you the best available service. He will take care of everything from the configuration to implementation of eZee solutions, while you would just need to approve of the requested updates

Unlimited & Free Product Training

For a hotelier using an advanced hotel management software, it is vital that hotel staff has the most accurate knowledge of the software to maintain hotel- guest relationship. At eZee, we provide online one on one training, where eZee’s training team will assist the hotelier with product implementation and training. Whether the training is for complete product or specific process, our trainer will provide the training as many times as required with no added charge. If your staff is changed, don’t worry; eZee will provide training.