Ready Plug & Play Widgets

Looker to Booker

Using this feature of eZee’s booking engine, you’ll be able to set up and display several new widgets right on your website. Whether its when he comes on your website, or when he’s leaving your website, or simply browsing through; these widgets will influence your looker to engage with you, push him to reach your booking engine page and eventually turn him into a booker and a long-time guest.

Welcome Box

As soon as he lands on your website, tell your visitor about some great discount you’re running; thus making him interested in booking with you.

Exit Popup

Just when he’s trying to leave your website, give him an offer or some attractive information, which gives him one more chance to book with you.

Floating Tool

Use a floating tool which will re-size on a button click, and give valuable information to your visitor to have him book with you.

Triggering Tool

Give shortcut links to your booking engine page in this tool, and there; you got a visit to the booking engine.

Sticky Tool

Let him know about free Wifi, or free airport transfer or some other amenities that you’re offering to attract your looker.

No. of Bookings

Show how many bookings you’ve got, such that any looker who sees the number; will get more influenced in booking with you.


Simply show your reviews on your website; and there, your looker is impressed enough to book with you.

Quick Notifications

Display something about the recent bookings made at your hotel using this notification tool. Say someone from India sees that 2 guests from India booked with you.


Continuously display some promotions or discount deals on your website to attract the looker.

Booking Box Widget That Suites Your Website

eZee offers you complete freedom to customize the system to match the look & feel of your hotel's website. Therefore, guests would not feel that they have landed on an anonymous page or feel alarmed of any possible spam and can easily process the online booking without any hassles. Furthermore, the system allows you to set up your own search criteria in order to strategize visibility of hotel amenities to offer a specific experience.

Booking Box Widget Suites to your website

Booking Button Widget Identical to Website

We do pay attention to the minute details. eZee's booking engine not only allows to customize the booking page, but it can even design the booking button matching your website decor.

Iframe Widget

Adding to the advantage, you now get iframe widget with the booking engine. With the automatically re-sizable iframe button, the guests can directly make the booking without leaving the hotel website.

Iframe Widget
Review Widget

Review Widget

The review widget allows the hotel to publish guest reviews on the hotel website as a part of branding. As the booking engine seamlessly incorporates with the hotel's website it automatically publishes the reviews online, provided you approve it.

Total Bookings Widget

eZee Reservation gives you an opportunity to put in the billboard effect on your website. It tracks all the bookings done through the system and allows you to exhibit your top-ranking figures which will attract more direct online bookings.

Total bookings Widget
WordPress Website and Joomla Website

Utilize eZee Booking Engine for WordPress Website Users

WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management Systems in the world, for which we provide a WordPress Plugin for eZee Reservation. The plugin will allow you to embed eZee Reservation on your WordPress website, simplifying the reservation process and bringing a new level of proficiency to your service.

Easily Accept Online Bookings from Your Joomla Website

Joomla! hosts the platform for millions of website. Using the Joomla! extension for eZee Reservation, you can easily integrate the booking engine with your property's Joomla! website and start accepting online bookings directly.

Easily Accept Online Bookings from your Website

All eZee aims is to simplify & standardize your business. Confirming that we have already established Plugin extensions for a majority of the Content Management Systems, we streamline the process of receiving online bookings from your website.

Hotel Booking WordPress Plugin   Hotel Booking Joomla! Plugin   Hotel Booking Wix Plugin

Take advantage of our unique partnership with one of the largest WordPress themes providers:Templactic. eZee recommends you choose a premium hotel booking website WordPress theme from Templatic and create your hotel website.